To raise awareness about the terrible situation of gender violence in Argentina, we took advantage of women’s football's growing visibility and turned an abstract statistic into an impactful activation. Leading to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, every team in the Women’s League stepped onto the field with fewer players than usual. Instead of eleven players, the audience could only see four or five—an accurate representation of how high the death rate is.
With a femicide taking place every 26 hours, AFA boldly wanted to shine a light on the critical issues that women are still facing, and illustrate what the numbers represent—all from the previously male-dominated place that women fought to own: the football pitch.
The campaign reached 991,000 views and 1.4 interactions on social media globally. Additionally, the campaign was picked up by the biggest online media outlets in Latin America such as,, Olé and Infobae.
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